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Therapy plays a significant role in the management of any dermatological condition. There are several types of therapies such as a tropical agent that is directly applied to the affected area of the disease. Every therapy needs to be managed with extreme care so it is needed that the person who is responsible to execute the therapy on the skin need to be highly knowledgeable, board-certified, and should handle all the condition with strong decision making power.

A dermatologist is a concerned doctor who is ready to provide 100% result even in the severe most situation of skin disorder. They believe to boost the mental ability of the patient by inducing hope in themselves. Dermatologist during the training boosts their professional development to a certain level that demonstrates the competency and even maintains their registration to continue with their practice. Have a review of the available dermatologist in Bellevue who is still pacing up their practice to a certain level of success.


Dermatology •  Female • Age 64

Eastside Dermatology

Address : 14030 Ne 24th St Ste 202 Bellevue, WA 98007

Call – (425) 454-1104


Dr. Sharon Kelly, MD is one of the famous dermatologists in the Bellevue location of Washington. She is a woman of high potential and is remarked as an efficient dermatologist with 36 years of experience in the medical field. She made her first step toward education from medical school at the University of Washington and later moved to the section of Internal Medicine at the University of Washington. Then, she moved to complete her residency in dermatology. She is recognized as the board-certified doctor in dermatology. She was allied with dermatologic care, cosmetic dermatology, dermatologic oncology, and many other special domains. After being recognized as an Eastside Dermatology professional, she joined hands with Dr. Erickson and started practicing in 1991. Book an appointment today with one of the highest experience dermatologists prevailing in the city.

2) Dr. Kathryn Erickson, MD

Dermatology •  Female • Age 62

Eastside Dermatology

Address: 14030 Ne 24th St Ste 202 Bellevue, WA 98007

Call – (425) 454-1104


Dr. Kathryn Erickson, MD admired as an intelligent and well-known dermatologist in Bellevue. She has been devotedly offering her service to the people of the city for over 36 years. She opted for her under graduated degree from the University of Washington and later continued her studies at UW for medical school in the year 1984. Later, she completed her internship and residency in Internal medicine in internal medicine for about a year before she returned to the University of Washington for completing the residency in dermatology. Later she and Dr. Kelly lead the foundation of Eastside Dermatology that gained success in a limited time. Further, she becomes an active and talented member associated with Alpha Omega Alpha, the American Academy of Dermatology, Pacific Northwest Dermatologic Society, Washington State Medical Association, and is board certified in Dermatology and Internal Medicine. To book your consultation with Dr. Kathryn Erickson, MD, make a call ahead without wasting time.

3) Dr. Sasha Kramer, MD

Dermatology •  Female • Age 47

Group Health Cooperative

Address: 11511 NE 10th St Bellevue, WA 98004

Call – (425) 502-3320


Dr. Sasha Kramer, MD is a reputed dermatologist in Bellevue city of Washington. She is a medical professional with 22 years of experience in treating patients with extreme care and surely recommended diagnosis to know about the internal problem that is the reason behind the skin disorder. She is highly trained in cosmetic treatment therefore offers treatment for hair loss and scars and nail improvement. She completed her under-graduation from Hahnemann University and later moved to the same university medical school in the year 1999 and completed her residency at Geisinger Med Center. She initiated her career in Cosmetic Dermatology and later accepted the job offer of Dermatologic Care, and Mohs Surgery. In her career, she has been enrolled with several patent and specialized medical associations. To make a fast, recovery book your appointment today with Dr. Sasha Kramer!

4) Dr. Dan Lantz, MD

Dermatology •  Male • Age 67

Dermatopathology Northwest PLLC

Address : 2330 130th Ave Ne Ste 201 Bellevue, WA 98005

Call – (425) 455-9945


Dr. Dan Lantz, MD is a well known and intellectual dermatologist in Bellevue city. He is admired for his dedication and decision-making power that are the two essential components of the medical field. He is a board-certified professional with 40 years of experience in the medical field. He did his graduate studies at the University Of Colorado and later for residency, he got enrolled with the University Of Washington in the year 1986. He started his internship with Maricopa Medical Center and in his career, he succeeded to be awarded by Healthgrades Honor Roll. He has a good career record because he has played a significant role in many of the reputed associations but currently accepting new patients of dermatology at St. Anne Hospital. Hurry, to book your appointment today!

5) Dr. Deetta Gray, MD

Dermatology •  Female • Age 55

Pinnacle Dermatology and Skin Rejuvenation

Address : 1515 116th Ave Ne Ste 307 Bellevue, WA 98004

Call – (425) 223-3456


Dr, DeEtta Gray, MD is a well-known experienced medical and cosmetic dermatologist who has even received training in skin and laser surgery. She completely values the patient relationships and is concerned to provide an effective result for the health and beauty of the skin. She went to the medical school of the University of Saskatchewan College of medicine. Later to complete her residency in dermatology, she starts visiting the women’s college hospital of the University of Toronto and continued her residency at St. Joseph’s Health Care Center governed by Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry. She started her internship in internal medicine at Victoria Hospital. After that, she got certified by the American Board of dermatology and affiliated with Overlake Hospital Medical Center to continue her practice. She is even own to practice at Pinnacle Dermatology and Skin Rejuvenation. Move ahead and book your appointment today!

6) Dr. Annalisa Gorman, MD

Dermatology •  Female • Age 48

Skin Surgery Center

Address : 1551 116th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98004

Address : (425) 453-8647


Dr. Annalisa Gorman, MD is an extraordinary dermatologist with the experience of 22 years in the dermatology branch. She was declared a graduate from the University Of Washington School Of Medicine in the year 1998. Further, she moved to the University of Washington Medical Center and later migrated to Ohsu Hospital to complete her residency without any hassle. In her career, she has been allied with Mohs Surgery and Dermatologic Oncology and much other specialization. And currently, she is designated as a Dermatologist at UW Medicine. So what are you waiting for, just a call to book your new appointment and get added as her new patient?

7) Dr. Peter Odland, MD

Dermatology •  Male • Age 66

Skin Surgery Center

Address : 1551 116th Ave NE Bellevue, WA 98004

Call – (425) 453-8647


Dr. Peter Odland, MD is an excellent dermatologist in the Bellevue of Washington. He is a man with good practical skills which he has learned from his experience. He gained 36 years of experience by being a part of Mohs Surgery and Dermatologic Oncology and many other specialized areas. He earned his degrees from the Chicago Medical School of Rosalind Franklin University in 1984.  He pursued his residency at Yale University and earned a fellowship from U Lowa Medical Center and University of U Lowa Hospital & Clinic. Currently, he is dedicating his service to all new patients. So, make some effort and proceed ahead to make the booking!

8) Dr. Samir Master, MD

Dermatology •  Male • Age 52

Dermatology Arts

Address : 1414 116th Ave Ne Ste E Bellevue, WA 98004

Call – (425) 753-2918


Dr. Samir Master, MD is a well known and efficient dermatologist in the city with vast experience in the field of medicine. His career graph displays the name of the reputed center with the Dermatologic Oncology, Dermatologic Care, Mohs Surgery, and many other specializations. He is associated with Snoqualmie Valley Hospital and is currently accepting new patients and accepts telehealth appointments. So, do not waste time on second thought and complete the process of booking now!

9) Dr. Megan Neill, MD

Dermatology •  Female • Age 39

Strother Dermatology and Laser Treatment Center

Address : 12911 120th Ave Ne Ste G100 Kirkland, WA 98034

Call – (425) 899-4144


Dr. Megan Neil, MD a famous dermatologist in this city of Washington who is known to have spent his 11 wonderful years grooming her medical practice. She earned this wonderful experience after investing her time in the association of Cosmetic Dermatology, Dermatologic Care, and Dermatologic Oncology. She even learned many other specializations to serve the patient in the best way that would help in getting 100% results. She got enrolled with a reputed medical school popular as U of Tx Medicine School at Houston. She wants to dedicate her service to everyone so is accepting new patients at his course of time. For the improvement of your skin, hair or skin visit Dr. Neil’s clinic after making an appointment.

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