Best Dermatologist in Bellingham WA

A dermatologist is a medical professional who is particularly devoted to the field of dermatology. They are even capable to diagnose and proceeded with the treatment of disease-related to skin, hair, and nails. They are certified as an excellent doctor only after completing the education and training that varies according to the country’s educational policies. In rough, it is estimated that dermatologists need to complete medical school and residency that occupies about 6+3 years before getting enrolled with the specialized training programs related to dermatology practice.

A trained dermatologist can even perform the skin surgery that helps in controlling the skin disease. Dermatologist aims to improve the aesthetics of skin and diagnose the actual condition of the skin. They can take the treatment decision related to various dermatological conditions that comprise of different types of therapies inclusive of topical agents, systemic agents, and other types of therapies. Have an overview of the reputed dermatologist in Bellingham who is offering their dedicated services to the people of Bellingham, Washington.

1) Dr. Karyn Tapley, MD

Gynecology •  Female • Age 50

Sound Women’s Health & Aesthetics

Address : 11 Bellwether Way Bellingham, WA 98225

Call – (360) 656-5246


Dr. Karyn Tapley, MD is well known as the Gynecology Specialist but is even famed as a cosmetic dermatologist. She believes that women should be provided time to take care of themselves under expert guidance. So, she understands the requirement and provides a proper course of care in Bellingham city of Washington. She completed her education from an internship hospital known as Christiana Care Health System and later got affiliated for practicing with Skagit Valley Hospital. To groom yourself make your booking for an appointment fast!

2) Dr. Elizabeth Vennos, MD

Dermatology • Female • Age 62

Bellingham Dermatology Clinic

Address : 2075 Barkley Blvd Ste 225 Bellingham, WA 98226

Call : (360) 647-2188


Dr. Elizabeth Vennos, MD is a passionate dermatologist with 33 years of experience in the medical world. In the year 1988, she went to Georgetown University School Of Medicine to complete her graduation. Later to boost her career, she migrated to residency hospitals, first to Washington hospital center followed by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to get introduced to the practical world. If you do have any type of problem-related to the skin then make your booking as soon as possible.

3) Dr. Thomas Langei, MD

Dermatology •  Male • Age 45

Address : 3105 Old Fairhaven Pkwy Bellingham, WA 98225

Call – (360) 656-6278


Dr. Thomas Langei, MD is one of the reputed dermatologists who has always excelled in his work. He is highly knowledgeable and experienced in Mohs Surgery, Dermatologic Oncology, and even in many other specializations that are quite useful for the people living in the Bellingham city of Washington. In his journey of education, he first entered the University Of Washington School Of Medicine to complete his graduation. But, later with a lot of effort, he got enrolled in the internship hospital of Southern Illinois University. He even pursued his residency and fellowship from the same hospital. After judging his caliber, he got affiliated with Skagit Valley Hospital and started accepting new patients at any time of the day. So, to get rid of the dermatological problem book an appointment today!

4) Dr. Nizar Makan, MD

Dermatology •  Male • Age 71

Peacehealth Medical Group Dermatology

Address : 4465 CORDATA PKWY Bellingham, WA 98226

Call – (360) 738-2200


Dr. Nizar Makan, MD is a man with 46 years of experience in the domain of dermatology. He is currently serving in the Bellingham city of Washington. His experience counts the success in Dermatologic Care, Cosmetic Dermatology, Mohs Surgery, and many more specialization. He began his graduate studies in New York State U, College of Medicine – Downstate to back up his career in medical school in the year 1975. He was awarded the fellowship from the fellowship hospital, Cornell U, and later got designated at residency hospitals Stanford U Medicine Centre and St Pauls Hospital-U BC. He with complete concern welcomes new patients. So, become sure to make your first appointment with him!

5) Dr. Christina Lyons, MD

Dermatology •  Female • Age 44

Address : 4465 Cordata Pkwy # 101 Bellingham, WA 98226

Call – (360) 738-2200


Dr. Christina Lyons, MD is always remarked for his excellence and experience that is availed with her worthier practice in a different specialization such as Mohs Surgery, Dermatologic Oncology, Dermatologic Care, etc. She believes to provide relief from the pain of others and build confidence in patients so, she currently accepts a huge number of new patients. Today, make a call for an appointment with Dr. Lyons to book an appointment.

6) Dr. Stanley Gilbert, MD

Dermatology •  Male • Age 62

Dermatology/Laser Ctr Northwest

Address : 905 Squalicum Way Ste 101 Bellingham, WA 98225

Call – (360) 676-1470


Dr. Stanley Gilbert, MD is an excellent and talented dermatologist available in the Bellingham city of WA. He has experience of 36 years or even more in the field of medicine. His experience is the remark of his wonderful practice that is focused mainly upon Dermatologic Oncology, Mohs Surgery, Cosmetic Dermatology, and many other specialists. A medical school at the University of Kansas certified him with the graduate title. Further, to provide a shape to his career, he pursued the residency from Bapt Med Center which was followed with the admission to the fellowship hospital, Baylor University Med Center. Finally, he made his way to La State University School of Medicine to earn his second residency. Make a small effort and book your appointment now!

7) Dr. Jan Dank, MD

Dermatology •  Male • Age 53

Dermatology and Laser Center Northwest

Address : 905 Squalicum Way Bellingham, WA 98225

Call – (360) 676-1470


Dr. Jan Dank, MD is a famous dermatologist in the Bellingham City of Washington. He has approximately 29 years of experience in the field of medicine. But more of his experience comes from Dermatologic Care and many more specialties. He accomplished his studies of graduation from a medical school at the University of Colorado at Denver. Further, he got enrolled with the internship hospital of University Wash and later joined the residency hospital under governs of the same university. He desires to serve the city with excellence so is adding new patients to his credit. Now, is the time to proceed ahead and book your consultation today!

8) Dr. Susan Kallal, MD

Dermatology •  Female • Age 56

Birch Bay Dermatology Ps.

Address : 4540 Cordata Pkwy Ste 101 Bellingham, WA 98226

Call – (360) 255-5049


Dr. Susan Kallal, MD is a man of success in the dermatology field. He is recorded to have experience of several years that is credited in his account because of his excellence several specializations such as Dermatologic Oncology, Dermatologic Care, and Mohs Surgery, and more. She made her way into the medical field with her remarkable entry into the campus of the University of Texas Medical School At San Antonio from where she completed her degree. Following the track, she got enrolled with Residency Hospital of the same university. But, for having a good track record, she joined the Residency Hospital of the University Of S Ca/lac And Usc. Now is the right time to become her new patient so get hold of the time and make your booking for the consultation.

9) Dr. Mark Doherty, MD

Mohs Micrographic Surgery •  Male • Age 64

Doherty Dermatology

Address : 1151 Ellis St Bellingham, WA 98225

Call – (360) 746-2380


Dr. Mark Doherty, MD is a reputed dermatologist in Bellingham who is highly experienced in Mohs Surgery and Dermatologic Oncology, etc. He is even specialized in many other fields that credit fame in his name such as Procedural Dermatology, Dermatologic Surgery, etc. he joined internship hospital of Sacred Heart Medical Center in 1983 and later switched to the Residency hospital of Interim LSU Public Hospital and finally in 2004, he got designated at Fellowship Hospital of LSU Medical Health Sciences Center. He desires to add a maximum number of patients so, is accepting the call for an appointment. Do not forget to call today!

10) Dr. Bruce Bowden, MD

Dermatology •  Male • Age 70

Bruce A Bowden MD

Address : 2075 Barkley Blvd Ste 220 Bellingham, WA 98226

Call – (360) 647-0220


Dr. Bruce Bowden, MD is a doctor who is always admired for his efficient result-oriented treatment. He is a dermatologist in the city of Bellingham with experience of 44 years in different branches of dermatology which is related to the problem of the skin and cosmetic dermatology. He occupies a special position treating patients who require immediate diagnosis via the dermatopathology method. He attended the medical school of the University of Washington School of Medicine to pursue his degrees in 1977. But in the consecutive years, he got designated in the internship and residency hospital, Kapiolani Children’s Medical Center to move ahead in the path of practice. Later, he joined another residency hospital named U Nebr to give a shape to his career. During, this phase of practice, he is declared as the winner of several prizes related to the medical world. Move ahead and book your appointment today!

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